Map Reviews

The Engineering Department assists the Community Development Department (including the planning and inspection divisions) with map reviews of such documents as Certified Survey Maps, Subdivision Plats and Boundary and Topographic maps submitted as part of a site development plan and boundary surveys being used for a yard grade change.

Maps documents are reviewed for conformance with Wisconsin Statutes, Wisconsin Administrative Code, Village standards, other governing agency standards, and surveying and mapping minimum standards (AE-7) typically practiced in Wisconsin.

All maps and land division documents being submitted for Village Plan Commission review and approval or Village Engineer review shall without exception:

  1. Bear the seal and signature of a Wisconsin Professional Land Surveyor [see Wisconsin Administrative Code, Ch. A-E 2, Sec. 2.02], and
  1. 2) Be administered compliant with all Professional Conduct standards [see Wisconsin Administrative Code, Ch. A-E 8].

Any maps or documents submitted without a professional seal and signature will be returned.  For more information, please refer to the Certified Survey Map Review Checklist.