Standard Specifications & Details

Village's Design, Drafting and Construction Standards and Specifications

- Example of Water Main Record Drawing

Standard Details

Notice to Engineering Consultants

All drawings and reports submitted for Plan Commission review or Village Engineer review shall without exception:

1) Bear the seal and signature of a Wisconsin Professional Engineer [see Wisconsin Administrative Code, Ch. A-E, Sec. 2.02], and

2) Be administered compliant with all Professional Conduct standards [see Wisconsin Administrative Code, Ch. A-E 8].

Other Standard Specifications

Wisconsin Traffic Impact Analysis Guidelines

The village requires developers and their engineers to use the Wisconsin Department of Transportation's (DOT's) Traffic Impact Analysis Guidelines. Traffic impacts, and how to mitigate them, are an important consideration for any community when a significant development is proposed. Public policy makers, citizens, and developers all have a stake in understanding and responding to additional demands on the transportation system. All share the common interest of a safe and efficient transportation network. A properly developed traffic impact analysis study can provide the factual basis for good decision making and facilitate the timely implementation of effective mitigation measures.

Potential Traffic Impacts

A traffic impact analysis (TIA) is a specialized engineering study that determines the potential traffic impacts of a proposed traffic generator and should answer the following fundamental questions:
  • What are the existing traffic conditions, the expected future traffic conditions without the development, and the expected future traffic conditions with the development in place?
  • Can the existing and planned transportation system accommodate the additional traffic generated by the planned development?
  • Are roadway system improvements needed to maintain an acceptable level of service (LOS) beyond those already programmed or included in the local transportation plan?
  • What are the recommended roadway improvements that may be necessary to accommodate the expected development traffic?

A TIA must be completed prior to finalizing the development design, while there is still flexibility in the development’s site design.