Plan Commission


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  • 6:30 p.m.
  • Second Monday of each month
  • Village Hall

Agendas & Minutes

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  • Dean Wolter, Chairperson / Village President (Term:  04/19/2021-04/18/2025)
  • Lori Johnson, Secretary
  • David Baum, Village Trustee (Term:  04/17/2023-04/15/2024)
  • Josh Tarantino, Member (Term: 05/01/21 to 04/30/2024)

  • Anthony Laszewski, Member (Term: 05/01/2021 to 04/30/2024)
  • Peter Nilles, Member (Term: 05/01/21 to 04/30/2024)
  • Robert Williams, Member (Term: 05/01/2023 to 04/30/2026)
  • William Shadid, Member (Term:  05/01/2023 to 04/30/2026)

Statutory Guidelines

Village Code 1.29 Plan Commission

(1) Membership. The Plan Commission shall consist of at least 7 regular members who shall receive such compensation as the Village Board determines, as follows. One regular member shall be the Village President who shall be the Chairman. One regular member shall be a Trustee elected annually by a majority vote of the Village Board at the organizational meeting in April. The other regular members shall be citizen members of recognized experience and qualifications appointed by the Village President, subject to confirmation by the Village Board; the citizen members shall serve for staggered 3-year terms with each term commencing May 1, except that, for the purpose of preserving 3-year staggered terms, in 2007 the citizen appointee for the position previously filled by the Chairman of the Park and Recreation Commission shall be appointed to an initial one-year term, and the citizen appointee for the position previously filled by the Village Engineer, shall be appointed for an initial 2 year term. In the event that there is a lack of quorum of the Plan Commission due to absence or recusal of any member, any Trustee may temporarily sit on the Plan Commission in order to create a quorum and permit business to be transacted.

(2) Power and Duties. The Plan Commission shall have the powers and duties prescribed in §62.23, Wis. Stats., and such other powers and duties as shall be vested in the Commission from time to time by the Village Board.