Searching for Our Heritage

The Germantown Historic Preservation Commission (HPC), consisting of citizens dedicated to preserving the heritage of the area, would like to encourage all owners of older homes, sites or farms to apply for historic designation for their property.

The Historic Preservation Commission offers information on maintaining the dignity of older properties, along with possible resources to utilize.

The commission exists to safeguard the village's historic and cultural heritage, as embodied and reflected in such historic structures, sites, and districts. The commission strives to foster civic pride in the notable accomplishments of the past. It exists to assist in stabilizing and improving property values. Our goal is to protect and enhance the village’s attractions to residents, tourists, and visitors, and to serve as a support and stimulus to business and industry.

The commission also serves to educate the public regarding the need and desirability of a Village Historic Preservation Program and its enhancements of the quality of life. It helps regulate demolition and substantial alteration of historic properties. The commission works to identify potentially historic properties in Germantown.