PASER Reports

The Village is required to perform Pavement Surface Evaluations and Ratings (PASER) on Village-owned roads every odd-numbered year, and enter those ratings into Wisconsin DOT’s Local Roads Inventory (WISLR). Both the Engineering and Highway Departments have completed this task for Year 2013.

When reviewing the PASER Trend chart in context of WISLR’s Rudimentary Needs Analysis recommending $17.2 million of capital projects and $9.1 million of maintenance projects and in context of the Village’s annual Local Roadway Improvement Program budget of $1.3-1.4 million, we find that the $1.3-1.4 million annual investment basically maintains a status quo of the Village’s pavement conditions. In other words, rudimentary needs have neither improved nor worsened since improved roads have been equally exchanged by deteriorating roads.

Both staff and the Committee have together innovatively created efficiencies in order to optimize the $1.3-1.4 million annual budgets. For example, using geotechnical engineers to ascertain existing pavements, base and subgrade materials in order to determine minimum-needed proposed pavement and base material thicknesses that achieve standard 20-year initial service life has enabled the Village to extend its $1.3-1.4 million annual budget to reconstruct increased road miles.


Year 2015 Biennial PASER Report

Year 2013 Biennial PASER Report

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