Fire Administration:

Fire Chief, Battalion Chiefs, Office Manager

The Fire Administration is responsible for all of the department operations and oversees, supervises, and coordinates the activities and operations of the Administrative division within the Fire Department. This includes budgeting, purchasing, accounting, payroll, assigning work activities and projects, administration of the fire data processing system (NFIRS), maintenance of Standard Operating Procedures, and working with other departments within the Village and neighboring communities.   


(16) Uniformed Career Personnel, (20+) Dedicated Paid-On-Call (POC) Firefighters

  • The Germantown Fire Department responds to all fire and medical emergencies within the Village, as well as providing automatic aid and mutual aid when needed. This can be due to large or multiple emergencies that can exceed a neighboring departments capacity. GFD can receive those same services in return when applicable.
  • Daily staffing consists of Firefighter/Medic/EMT's on shift, working a rotating shift of 24 hours on duty followed by 48 hours off duty. This averages out to a 56-hour work week. 
  • The Career Firefighters are supported by a group of dedicated POC Firefighters who are committed to supporting their community. These POC Firefighters are on-call on a rotating schedule and respond from home as needed to staff additional units. Without this group of highly trained residents, more Firefighters would need to be hired to staff the Stations. 

Community Risk Reduction Section:

The Community Risk Reduction Section provides fire inspection services, plan review, underground and above ground tank storage inspections, public education, and CPR and AED training to the Village. 

While there is one dedicated "Fire Inspector", all firefighters assist in conducting fire inspections in Village buildings.

The CRRS is also responsible for presenting our annual Fire Safety Fair and our Life Saver Day, which draws over 800 residents to learn about fire and life safety issues during Fire Prevention Week. Additionally, every elementary school class - both public and private schools - is visited and provided fire safety education.

Some examples of the programs presented by your fire department are:
  • Firefighters Are Your Friends
  • First Aid for Kids
  • Learn No to Burn
  • Hands-Only CPR
  • AED
  • Stop-The-Bleed
  • Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Emergency Exit Drills

Support Services:

The Support Services Division is led by the Battalion Chiefs. They are responsible for all vehicle and facility maintenance as well as the ordering of supplies, including EMS supplies. They are assisted by the On-Duty personnel, who have individual responsibility for each of the areas. As a team, they keep the trucks rolling and the equipment in order.