Policies & Procedures

Make sure you are informed about all of the policies and procedures to ensure a safe, fun, successful enrollment in Kids Klub.

New Policies (Effective August 28, 2017):
Kids Klub
Policy or Procedure
Arrival / Pickup
Parents, your cooperation in following the Kids Klub hours is required! We cannot ensure supervision of your child if they are dropped off early, and late pickups take away leaders from other programs. Please make any necessary arrangements. Thank you for your cooperation.
Automatic Payments
You can register for several months of Kids Klub and request that we automatically charge your credit card. This is a very easy way to make sure that your registrations and payments are in on time.
Every bike needs to have a lock and children should lock their bike up in the bike racks provided at each school. Children are also required to bring their helmets in to the leaders- make sure your child’s first and last names are on the helmet. The department does not assume responsibility for any lost or stolen items.
Cancellation Policy
Cancellations will be accepted 11 business days prior to the individual date (not including the date you are cancelling). Cancellations can only be made by contacting the Recreation Department Office at 262-250-4710. We will assume your child will be attending the program on the individual dates you preregistered for unless you have followed the procedures to cancel. Due to the amount of supplies and staff required to run these programs, payment is still required if the date is not cancelled more than 11 business days prior.
Drop Off / Pickup
For safety reasons, participants will not be allowed to leave the grounds without prior written consent from their parent(s) / legal guardian . Parents are required to come into the gym through the gym entrance to drop off or pick up their child(ren) and sign him/her/them in and out. To ensure each child is picked up by the correct person(s), we ask that you fill out a “Drop Off / Pickup” form. Anyone picking up a participant is required to sign them out and may be asked for a photo ID.
Early Pickups
If you are picking up your child from school any time before school is released and they are registered to attend Kids Klub, you must sign them out with the school office and make sure to notify the Kids Klub staff.
Flexible Cancellation Policy
Each child will receive one flexible cancellation per month. These days can be used to receive a household credit (not refund) even after our typical cancellation policy. Cancellations can only be made by contacting the Recreation Department Office at 262-250-4710 no later than two business days after your desired cancellation date (not via email or through staff at your site) and cannot be "banked" to be used in future months.
Late Fee Policy
Parents who pick their children up late will be assessed a late pickup fee of $1 per minute past 6 p.m., school time. We have been forced to charge late parents in order to cover the added cost of keeping staff past their scheduled hours. Leaders will notify you the total amount due when you pick up your child. Fees must be paid within one week; receipts will be given.
Insurance Coverage
Please recognize that the Germantown Park and Recreation Department does not carry medical or hospital insurance for injuries or illness participants may sustain in programs. Prior to registering, you should review your health insurance policy for coverage. Absence of personal health insurance coverage does not make the Park and Recreation Department responsible for payment of participant’s medical coverage. All persons participating in department sponsored activities must provided their own insurance and assume risk for all injuries. The department will not be liable for personal liabilities or accidents.
Receipts and Bills
You can request that Kids Klub email your receipts or copies of your bills each month. You can also choose to have us combine the entire year in one statement for tax purposes. If you would like to receive a printed copy of your receipt please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope, otherwise provide your email address to receive electronic statements.
Smocks at Summer Kids Klub and summer playgrounds are optional. If you prefer that your child wear a smock for art projects, please send one the first day they attend. A large old shirt works as well. Please make sure your child’s first and last names are on the smock. Smocks will be returned at the end of summer upon request, and any not picked up will be discarded.
Snack / Lunch
Snacks after school will be provided. Early-release and full-day participants are required to bring their own lunch and beverages with first and last name attached. If lunch is not sent with your child, one will be provided for you, however, you will be charged for the cost of the food, as well as a service charge. Please do not send food that requires a microwave.
We plan on spending a good part of our time together outside every day (weather permitting), so we suggest that Summer Kids Klub participants put sunscreen on before they come. Summer Kids Klub participants should bring sunscreen with their first and last name on it for us to keep at the site.