Does the Village have a brush pickup? Why didn't my brush get picked up?

Summer pickup generally takes place in the beginning of June. Please note that brush must be out next to the curb the day prior to the beginning of the brush pick up event (Sunday). Exact dates and details will be provided as the events approach.

The Village will not pick up yard waste (twigs, grass clippings, annual flowers, etc.) or leaves. These will need to be taken to the Residential Yard Waste Facility on Main Street to be disposed of.

For complete rules and regulations please contact the Public Works Department at 262-250-4721 or visit their webpage at this link.

If your neighbor’s brush was picked up and yours was not, it is most likely because there was Buckthorn in the pile of brush.  Buckthorn is prohibited and will not be collected by the Germantown Highway Department.  Please see the attached photo for an example of what Buckthorn looks like:buckthorn

Click here for more Buckthorn information.

Click here for our informational brochure.

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