What does the Police Department do?

The Germantown Police Department provides protection services with office hours 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Police Department has 42 employees, including 31 sworn officers. We have a variety of programs to serve the public that we are particularly proud to offer. Our K9 unit is funded with the support of the community. Our current K-9 handler is Officer Darren Von Bereghy. K-9 Hatto joined our department in 2017.  We will be adding a second K9 unit in 2020; his name is Arek and he will be partnered with Officer Justin Pesch.

The Department also participates in a variety of Community Policing activities such as school visits, community events, and seminars, and the summer police academies for adults and for children.

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1. What does the Police Department do?
2. What other services does the Police Department offer?
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