When are tax bills mailed out? How do I get my payment receipt?

Tax bills are usually mailed the second week of December.  You can download copies of your tax bill and payment receipts at http://landrecords.co.washington.wi.us/LandRecords. Simply search by your parcel id, street name and number or the first and last name listed on your property tax bill. Once you are on the property summary page, go to the “Select Detail” dropdown and choose “Taxes.”

land records page

From there choose the tax year you want to view.  Payments will be listed in a pop-up box. More information about paying your tax bill including payment options can be found on our website: http://wi-germantown2.civicplus.com/189/Property-Tax-Information. Please note: the Washington County Land Records site includes other information about your property history in the dropdown menu. 

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