The Village maintains both a water and wastewater utility. Information about the utilities and their services can be found below. 

Water Utility Information

Notes from the Water Utility Superintendent

  • The hydrant flushing program started on May 6th and will continue through the first week of June. There may be fluctuations of water pressure and discoloration from 8:30am-4pm Monday-Friday.
  • The Water Utility's replacement program for water meters continues. If you receive a meter change out letter in the mail, please call the listed number and schedule an appointment as soon as possible. The new meters could help in preventing estimated bills which can cause over-billing. The installation should take no longer than 10-15 minutes. Prior to our arriving, please make sure your inlet and outlet shut-off valves are working and can turn the water off.  For appointments, please call: 262-250-4703. To email interest in an meter appointment:cbartz@village.germantown.wi.us. Thanks!

Wastewater Utility Information