How does absentee voting work?

There are a few ways to vote absentee. The first is to submit a request in writing (email counts) that you would like us to mail you an absentee ballot. When you make this type of request, please make sure you provide your name, address, date of birth, where we should mail the ballot, and which elections you would like to vote absentee for. You can also complete the form and mail it to us or fill out the request through MyVote through this link. For each method, you are going to be asked to provide a photo ID in order to receive a ballot. There are excepts to this rule so please read the absentee voting application carefully to see if you qualify under those exceptions.

You can also vote absentee at Village Hall for the dates announced for each election, which will generally be the two to four weeks prior to the election. Please note that per state statue, there cannot be voting at Village Hall on the day before or day of any election. 

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