Proposed Development Projects

To view information on proposed development projects, please visit the ZoningHub site. Contact the Community Development Department if you have questions about potential meeting dates or the status of a particular project.

Virtus Development LLC Agent for District One  LLC  & Robert Hacker Trust
Rezoning & PDD Amendment
W140 N10363 Fond du Lac Avenue & Parcel 2 (GTNV 351-984)
Public Hearing at Plan Commission 10-10-22

Mary Best - Rezoning & Certified Survey Map
N181 W12556 Fond du Lac Avenue
Public Hearing at Plan Commission 9-12-22

Jacob & Katherine Cervantes - Conditional Use Permit
N120 W13537 Freistadt Road
Public Hearing at Plan Commission 9-12-22

Elwood & Susan Meissner - Rezoning & Certified Survey Map
W162 N9632 Mayflower Drive and N96 W16248 County Line Road
Public Hearing at Plan Commission 10-10-22

Village of Germantown & Kathleen Krause - Rezoning, Site Plan, CUP Applications  
N104 W12703 Donges Bay Road & N104 W12667 Donges Bay Road
Public Hearing at Plan Commission 9-12-22

2050 Plan Draft 2 - September 13, 2022

Revisions as recommended by the Plan Commission have been incorporated into the draft plan (all changes highlighted) and are listed in the following tables and map exhibits:

Table A - Minor Revisions

Table B- Major Revisions

Table C - Plan Commission Recommended Revisions

Map Exhibits 1-4

Draft Ordinance 16-2022 Adopting the 2050 Comprehensive Plan

Click here for a copy of Draft 1 of the 2050 Plan - June 25, 2022