Application Process

barn fire pleasant view.jpg

What is the process for joining your local fire department? Good question.

Below is the process that applicants follow when joining the Germantown Fire Department.

  1. Decide if joining the Fire Department is right for you. Again, contact us with any questions you may have. Joining the Germantown Fire Department is a serious life decision.
  2. Once you have decided to join the Germantown Fire Department, fill out an application. Applications can be found by clicking HERE. Return the completed application to the address listed on the application.
  3. Once your application is reviewed, you will be contacted by a member of the Fire Department.
  4. Interview with the Fire Chief
  5. Background Check
  6. Physical Ability Test
  7. Medical Check
  8. Begin attending department training and Firefighter 1 or EMT-Basic classes.
  9. Start responding to calls as a Firefighter or EMT.

*Some steps may change or be removed depending on the

applicants current certifications and qualifications.water rescue