SMART System & Discipline Policy

SMART Expectations

The goal for our program is for everyone to have a safe and enjoyable time! In order to do this successfully, we have established a Discipline Policy and new SMART System, which is followed by all supervisors involved in the program. Here are the SMART System expectations:
  • S - Safe actions
  • M - Make good choices
  • A - Attitude - choose a good one
  • R - Respect mutually
  • T - Tolerate, appreciate, and accept others
In order to ensure an enjoyable program for all, every child will be expected to respect one another, the leaders, and all others present at the site. The children need to listen to any adult that is onsite, especially the leaders. There is no hitting, spitting, swearing, or touching of another child in a harmful way. We expect the participants to be accepting and kind to all children, even if they have a disagreement.

Visual Plan

The SMART System has a visual plan to show these choices. At each site will be a colored “stoplight,” with each color having a meaning as listed below:
  • White: Awesome job! You are having a great day!
  • Green: Good job! You needed some reminders, but your day is still good!
  • Yellow: Slow down and think! There have been some problems that we need to discuss.
  • Orange: Last chance to think SMART! You really need to stop and think to make better choices.
  • Red: We have a serious problem that needs to be dealt with at a higher level.
Each morning, every child gets a clean slate and begins their color on white. We will use clothespins to mark the places.


If a child does not adhere to the rules of the program set forth by the leaders, he/she will receive the following consequences:
  • First Warning - Clothespin stays on white
  • Second Warning - Clothespin moves to green
  • Third Warning - Clothespin moves to yellow
    • The participant must take a timeout to think. He/She must fill out a SMART sheet and discuss their behaviors with a leader. The SMART sheet must be signed, and he/she will go home to be discussed with a parent.
  • Fourth Warning - Clothespin moves to orange
    • The participant will receive a call to the parents and the child will lose a privilege.
  • Fifth Warning - Clothespin moves to red
    • The participant will have a conversation with the program coordinators and further action will be taken as necessary.