Maintenance Manual

Private Stormwater Facility Maintenance

The intent of this stormwater maintenance manual is to assist private stormwater management system owners in performing proper maintenance of these facilities. Stormwater management facilities consist of a series of collection and conveyance systems, detention systems, and treatment facilities. They are typically a combination of landscape and structural components that slow, filter, detain, or infiltrate stormwater runoff on site after a rainfall event. Properly designed, installed, and maintained stormwater management facilities protect water quality and reduce flooding.

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Maintenance Declaration

Village of Germantown Code Chapter 27.11 Maintenance Declaration states that private property owners are responsible for maintaining stormwater management structures that they own. Owners should have a maintenance program that addresses every component of the stormwater system, to ensure the system does not lose its intended capability to manage stormwater. Village of Germantown’s Chapter 27 and “Stormwater Management Requirements” require that owners of private stormwater management facilities applying for development after the effective date of the Stormwater Manual conduct routine and nonroutine inspection and maintenance of their stormwater system and prepare an annual inspection report to be kept onsite with a copy submitted to the Village of Germantown annually.

Systems Constructed Prior to the Manual

Property owners with private systems constructed prior to the effective date of the Stormwater Manual are also required to maintain their stormwater facilities. Inspection reports shall be kept onsite with a copy submitted to the village annually.