Planning & Zoning Services

Planning & Zoning Services provides land-use planning and zoning code administration and enforcement within the Village of Germantown. Planning & Zoning Services staff are responsible for the processing, review, and approval of all projects related to future development, sign review, and various other permits and enforcement issues. Planning & Zoning Services enforces the village’s zoning code to ensure compliance.


Responsibilities include:

  • Create and maintain the village's Comprehensive Plan.
  • Interpret, administer, and enforce the Zoning Code (Chapter 17), Subdivision and Platting Code (Chapter 18), Floodplain Zoning Code (Chapter 23), and the Shoreland-Wetland Zoning Code (Chapter 24) of the Village of Germantown Municipal Code.
  • Review and approve zoning compliance / occupancy permits.
  • Review and process development-related permit and approval applications, including: site plan review, conditional use permits, rezoning requests, sign review, certified survey maps (CSMs), temporary use permits, subdivision plats, plan development districts (PDDs), berm permits, floodplain verification, comprehensive map amendments, and wetland delineations.
  • Enforces the village’s noxious weed and property maintenance codes.
  • Participate in meetings of the Village Board, Board of Zoning Appeals, Plan Commission, and Economic Development Commission.