How to Become an Election Inspector

About Election Inspectors

Election Inspectors are the gatekeepers of democracy and are vital to efficient, open elections. Election inspectors are sometimes referred to as “poll workers”. Election inspectors are responsible for election procedures in the polling location to which they are assigned. These procedures include, but are not limited to: helping to open the polls, registering voters, issuing ballots, providing assistance to voters, explaining the use of voting equipment, closing the polling location, and delivery of election returns.

If you are interested in becoming an election inspector, please fill out the Election Inspector Application and return it to the Office of the Village Clerk in-person or by email (

Training & Time Commitments

Training is required and provided by the Office of the Village Clerk. This training will provide the necessary information and knowledge to be a successful election inspector. 

On Election Day, inspectors will start at approximately 6 a.m. and work until the completion of their duties after the polls close.


The following is required to be an election inspector:

  • Be an adult citizen of the United States who resides in the Village of Germantown or in Washington County
  • Be able to speak, read and write fluently the English language
  • Have strong clerical skills, be able to solve problems and be an effective communicator
  • Work as a team
  • NOT a candidate for any office being voted on at the polling location during the election
  • Enjoy people and service to others